Q: When will our brand start to be seen?
A: After the whole registration process and contract/payment requirements have been settled, your brand should be visible within 2 weeks at your target location/s.
Q: How will I know if my brand is visible?
A: You will be able to see the demographic of owners you have sponsored, the car they are driving and the kilometers their cars have run monthly in our Website’s corporate page after you login.
Q: When do I get my login account?
A: You can get your login account after we receive the payment for the car/s that you want to sponsor.
Q: How do I ensure that my brand is running at least 300kms monthly?
A: You will have a personal monitoring account that will provide detailed reports (produced monthly) containing data on the mileage ran, odometer readings, and other relevant information on the cars registered under your campaign.
Q: What if I lose my login details?
A: Please contact us so we can give you a new one.
Q: Can I use the 20 inches by 3.5 inches to create an ad instead of my company logo or website?
A: No, we only allow company logo or website printed as our stickers. This policy was made to ensure that the advertisement will not compromise the "look" of the cars carrying your brand. In addition, this will make your ads look neater and encourage more car owners to carry your brand, thus, increasing your reach for exposure.
Q: Do I Have a choice whether to put my company website or company logo in the car that I am sponsoring?
A: Yes, you can either put your company website or your company logo in the cars that you are sponsoring.
Q: Can we put many companies in one sticker or car?
A: No, we only put 1 sticker per car and allow one brand per sticker. This will prevent your ads from looking cluttered. In addition, this will benefit you by keeping your audience focused on one brand at a time hence creating greater impact.
Q: What if our company logo does not fit with the sticker dimension suggested? Can the sticker be in all shapes and sizes?
A: We will accommodate custom made shapes or sizes but this will be subject to approval. However, the area occupied must not exceed our suggested area size of 70 sq inches (20 inches by 3.5 inches).
Q: What if the car that we sponsored did not reach 300kms for the month?
A: If the car that you sponsored does not reach 300kms for the month, we will return to you the 1,000 pesos that we were supposed to give the car owner. MyFreeGas will then find another car owner to put your brand on for the next month. You (The Advertiser) will be able to monitor the mileage of each car via our web monitoring system.
Q: Can we change the sticker of the car owner after every month?
A: Yes, you can change the sticker of the car owners that run your ad campaign after each month. However, we will have to charge you P200 for the sticker cost.
Q: Is there any other sticker size possible besides the standard 20 x 3.5 inches?
A: Yes there are. You can either choose half the size of 20 x 3.5 inches or double its size. If we install half the standard size sticker to the car owner, we will give 500 pesos of free gas. If it is double the size, we will double the free gas to 2,000 pesos. This is all subject to the approval of the car owner.